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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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On this website You can find out about a new source of renewable energy.

The most known sources of renewable energy are wind, rivers, sea currents, sea waves, sea surf, and tides. All of these sources of renewable energy, including the main source of renewable energy - solar, despite the different causes of arising, there is a general phenomenon: all of it is the flow of a fluid medium, it is in constant movement, all of it have a kinetic energy.

There exists a physical phenomenon known in science and techniques as self-oscillations of the flutter type. This phenomenon is considered like harmful and dangerous, which leads in a very short period of time (a few seconds) to sharp growth of dynamic loads of technical object (plane, heat-exchange apparatus, building construction, etc.) and to the destruction of this object. The cause of the self-oscillations of the flutter type are Unsteady Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Forces and Moments (Unsteady Aerodynamic Influence - UAI), arising from the interaction of oscillating working items according to certain laws with the flow of a fluid medium (liquid or gaseous). It was found that it is possible to create conditions for UAI occurrence artificially and manage it. Therefore useful work of UAI can be used for getting electrical energy from the flow of fluid medium.

When creating certain conditions, particularly during the interaction of the working elements with any of the sources of renewable energy (wind, rivers, sea currents, sea waves, sea surf, high tides and low tides, solar power) UAI will be generated. Useful work of UAI can be used for conversion of the kinetic energy of these sources of renewable energy into the electrical energy.

In our environment useful work of UAI use all fishes, birds and reptiles for increasing the speed of its movement.

That is why, these UAI can be characterized as a new source of renewable energy, as a phenomenon which is inherent to all of known sources of renewable energy, above mentioned, which have different causes of origin, different physical composition, but have a common property of the transformation of its kinetic energy into the electrical energy with the help of UAI.

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