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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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Converting the kinetic energy of the oncoming air flow when the vehicle is in good work.
The purpose of the tests:
1) checking of the installation of WHD-2 when placed on a moving vehicle;
2) is it possible to convert the kinetic energy of the flow of oncoming air into useful work at the actual speeds of vehicles;
3) verification of the absence of hazards arising from the interaction of the installation of WHD-2 with a counter flow of air that affect the safety of the vehicle, such as the overturning moment and lateral wind;
4) obtaining data for calculation, design and manufacture of generator to convert mechanical energy of rotation of the shaft a pilot plant with WHD-2 in power for a wide range of vehicle speeds.

The following tests are tests of the installation of WHD-2, located on the platform of the car "GAZ-33021" when driving a car.


Tests showed the possibility in principle transform a counter flow of air into electrical energy by driving the vehicle. More dynamic loads on the vehicle is not visually observed.
The generator operates in the range of loads and speeds (speed of the stator) that do not meet the optimal parameters of this generator.

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