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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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1. Studies of interaction with the working elements of the fluid flow arising from the self-oscillations (flutter or vibrations) work item in the stream of fluid can be concluded that the useful work of unsteady aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces and moments (UAI) is an objective law.

2. The mechanism controlling these UAI, resulting in the phenomenon of "flutter" is very necessary and important condition for generating electrical energy associated with the transformation of the kinetic energy of the fluid flow into useful work.

3. The authors of both theoretical [4, 9, 12, 17] and practical [5 - 10] of studies on the phenomenon of "flutter" associated with the occurrence of unsteady aerodynamic forces and moments, as well as the authors of [11], agree in opinion that UAI:
- there,
- there are only a technique;
- have the most significant impact on the aerodynamic processes;
- are inherently harmful and dangerous phenomenon;
- arise and exist due to the kinetic energy of the fluid flow (and hence, by the law of conservation and transformation of energy, the energy flux must decrease by an amount equivalent to the energy of UAI).
However, research results, shown in Fig. 10 and Fig. 11, show that due to the energy UAI the flow energy does not decrease but even increases in proportion to the flow rate, this is accompanied by getting a fixed useful energy in the form of electrical energy due to the installation of the WHD-1 (Fig. 11). At its core, the results obtained with an aerodynamic stand at studying the interaction of working elements of the laboratory setup WHD-1 with the air flow, contrary to the law of conservation and transformation of energy. If there was a well known nature of UAI, and would know exactly what unsteady aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces and moments are taken from their energy flow, the assumption of a possible error in the method of measuring air velocity in the chamber aerodynamic stand filled with fluctuating work items would be resolved unambiguously. However, the nature of UAI themselves poorly understood. In addition, because of the difficulties of a purely technical nature in this study was not investigated changes in the kinetic energy of the flow of work items, and was not received confirmation of the immutability of the kinetic energy of the fluid flow in the interaction with the working elements of the pilot plant with WHD-2.
Therefore, in this paper does not say about the controversy and the law of conservation of energy conversion. Discussed in this paper is to open a new phenomenon that has existed since the emergence of the world, which was originally used in the nature of all creatures that live in water and left on dry land from water, and that humanity can be successfully applied to meet their energy supply without causing harm the nature.

4. The mechanism of movement of fish, birds and reptiles, which allows the realization of living creatures to get extra energy to move.
Confirmed all the laws, studied and described in the works of British scientist John Gray: laminar flow over the animal's body, the absence of turbulence, "additional" energy of motion. In the role of the mechanism responsible for the presence of a negative gradient of dynamic pressure, are the UAI, which control mechanism in living beings genetically founded by the Creator.
Work in the slipstream installation WHD-2, consisting of four working elements arranged in a series of phase-shifted relative to each other visually reproduces the motion of dolphin.
Work in the slipstream installation WHD-2, consisting of eight working elements arranged in two rows, with a phase shift between the rows of 180 degrees relative to each other, visually produces a very beautiful and endless movement of the two dolphins swimming alongside . There is a feeling of moving a single body, the workers themselves are the elements already perceived as something very flexible and unbreakable, live, natural, smooth, harmonious and very easy to move, and every working element plays the role of sub-district of the animal, together with other working elements of a reproducing continuous and endless undulation of the animal.

Apparently, the bird wing movement reproduces exactly the same mechanism in which the work items that mimic the mechanism of the wings, arranged in one row than along the fluid flow, as when playing the kinematics of the fish, and perpendicular to the body of the birds and the air flow.

5. For the maximum efficiency of conversion of kinetic energy into useful work flow system must be designed and manufactured for a specific purpose: water, air, and for a specific task (the generator for converting the energy of the fluid flow or propeller) and a specific range of operating flow rates.

6. In this paper we attempt to understand the areas of possible practical use of an open event.

The intention to use the installation on moving vehicles in an electric power generator (land, sea and air) takes place in the event that confirmed the data obtained in studies of laboratory unit WHD-1 on an aerodynamic stand on the increment of kinetic energy flux in the interaction with the flow work items to install and no overturning moment.

The intention to use the installation as a generator of electrical energy mounted on rooftops, towers, tunnels, dams dams, decks of ships takes place in the event that confirmed the data obtained in studies of laboratory unit WHD-1 that there is no overturning moment in the interaction flow working elements of the unit with the flow.

The most realistic and there is no doubt an effective and completely environmentally safe use of the installation as:

- Wind generator in the interaction of elements of the unit working with the air flow;

- Hydro generator in the interaction of elements of the unit working with streams of water like rivers, streams, canals, tidal, ocean and ocean currents, waterfalls, surf. In this case, alternative sources of environmentally friendly efficient conversion of kinetic energy of water flow into electrical energy for mankind yet (except for hydro, involving the construction of dams and dikes);

- An engine at sea and river vessels.

7. The laws and concepts used in aircraft and turbine construction (drag, lift aerodynamic force, turbulence, turbulence, etc.) in this case, apparently, does not work. Here, a different mechanism of interaction is another problem, and there are "working" quite other forces (UAI).

8. The results of research carried out in the water and air in different areas of technology, lead to the conclusion that these laws exist objectively in any fluid, and can be used to convert the flow of any fluid into useful work.

9. The condition of "controlled" flutter are:
- changes with two degrees of freedom;
- match direction of the total UAI arising from interaction with the oscillating flow of work items, with the direction of the normal component of the disturbing force flow and direction of movement of the working element;
- the maximum work for each cycle of vibration.
condition for obtaining useful work is that the initial rotation of the generator shaft (shaft or crank the proposed scheme) should take place without a load.
The efficiency of the device is directly proportional to the velocity of flow, intensity and amplitude of oscillatory movement of work items, the geometric dimensions and number of work items, and inversely proportional to the mechanical and aero-hydrodynamic damping.
manage UAI useful work can be due to:
- change the phase angle between the bending and torsional vibrations, between the working elements, ranks among the working elements
- geometric dimensions of the crank mechanism;
- the distance between the center and twisting the center of mass.

10. The maximum efficiency of the laboratory setup WHD-1 when tested on an aerodynamic stand in air flow rate 58.7 m / s, equal to 36% (Fig. 13).
The maximum efficiency of the pilot plant sample WHD-2, obtained 16/12/2010, with the hydrodynamic test on the channel discharge treated sewage aeration station Bortnichskoy Kiev (Ukraine) at the rate of water flow of 1.0 m / s, equal to 20% (Fig. 25).
In [27] efficiency mover of the dolphin has a value of about 97%.
According to [28] the efficiency of the engine of a dolphin is close to 90%.
According to [3], the efficiency of the engine of a dolphin is around 90 - 97%.
Thus, the efficiency industrial plant, whose operation is based on the UAI of useful work, resulting from the interaction of the oscillating mode oscillation of the object with a stream of fluid can be safely assessed value of not less than 90%. Achieved this efficiency by managing UAI useful work described in paragraph 9 of this Chapter 10.

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