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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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I researched the physical phenomenon known in science and techniques as self-oscillations of the flutter type. This phenomenon is considered like harmful and dangerous, which leads in a very short period of time (a few seconds) to sharp growth of dynamic loads of technical object (plane, heat-exchange apparatus, building construction, etc.) and to the destruction of this object. The cause of the self-oscillations of the flutter type are Unsteady Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Forces and Moments (Unsteady Aerodynamic Effects - UAE), arising from the interaction of oscillating working items according to certain laws with the flow of a fluid medium (liquid or gaseous).

According to my discovery (to create conditions for arising of the UAE and managing it) there arises an opportunity to use the useful work of UAE for reception of the electrical energy from the flow of fluid. Electrical energy produces from the flow of air or water almost without changes in the characteristics of the flow at the expense of the useful work of UAE. It is possible to adjust the kinetic energy magnitude of the flow (it means a speed of the flow too) at the output of the device by the amount of generated electrical energy, what makes the operation of such devices absolutely ecologically safe. If the kinetic energy of the flow is invariable, the generated electrical energy is equivalent to approximately 30 % of the kinetic energy of the flow (in efficiency = 30 %). The figure is given according to the results of the tests in air and water flows, the tests were carried out on a laboratory model, and on a sample of the experimental industrial installation as well. The model and the installation are available, functional, the demonstration is possible any time, there is video with the sample functionality demonstration of the pilot installation in water and air environment.

When creating certain conditions, particularly during the interaction of the working elements of the oscillating (at least with two degrees of freedom in the mode of self-oscillations) with any of the above mentioned sources of renewable energy (wind, rivers, sea currents, sea waves, sea surf, high tides and low tides, solar radiation) UAE will be generated. Useful work of UAE can be used for conversion of the kinetic energy of these sources of renewable energy into the electrical energy.

The conversion mechanism of the kinetic energy of a fluid medium flow into the electrical energy with the help of UAE useful work is a simple, sure and effective method. The reliability and effectiveness of the conversion is indicated by the fact that this mechanism is used by all the fishes, birds and reptiles for their movement. The explanation of the dolphin's movement speed secret (the dolphin spends seven times less of energy than it is required for its movement - the Gray's paradox) is in the fact that, in the role of a mechanism responsible for the presence of a negative gradient dynamic pressure - is UAE, but the living beings are genetically capable of manage and control it. James Gray supposed that the dolphin has some kind of mechanism responsible for the presence of a negative gradient dynamic pressure, the result of which is the laminar flowing around the animal's body, the absence of turbulence, "additional" energy for movement. But the presence of the negative gradient dynamic pressure creates the conditions for more rapid movement, and the additional energy for movement arises as a result of the UAE useful work.

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