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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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Conversion of kinetic energy of the fluid flow into useful work

For research was designed and manufactured a device by which the working element to perform harmonic flexural-torsion vibrations in the form of reciprocating and rotational motion. The work item was made in the form of a thin rectangular plate. The rotational and reciprocating movement of the working elements were made with crank groups attached to a fixed base in the form of single module device.


Crank mechanism with a work item is a module that is placed on a fixed base. The scheme of interaction the device single module with flow of the fluid at which the conversion of kinetic energy of the fluid flow into useful work is shown in FIG. 3.

In this paper, the task to understand the mechanism of movement of the dolphins, so the study is completed with an array like array of sets of single work items included in the independent (independent) modules having the opportunity to perform classical flexural-torsion vibrations that make possible the emergence of oscillations in flutter-type back- the forward movement of the working elements perpendicular to the direction of motion of the fluid flow.

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