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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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7. Experimental studies of health laboratory setting in an air stream.
1) manufacture of laboratory wind-hydro device WHD-1 work items which are able to reproduce the flexural-torsion vibrations;
2) development of methods of investigation of flexural-torsion flutter of oscillating flow in a fluid array of work items;
3) development of methods of measurement in the study of flexural-torsion flutter;
4) testing the hypothesis of a UAI in the interaction of oscillating working elements of the array with the air flow;
5) testing the hypothesis of a possible management of UAI in the air stream;
6) testing the hypothesis convert the kinetic energy of air flow into useful work;
7) the verification of the hypothesis to obtain the flutter of a single work item, vibrating in the air stream;
8) research on the impact of fluctuating UAI in the flow of work items;
9) an explanation of the "secret" speed of the dolphin.



All the experiments on the interaction of experimental laboratory unit with the air flow were performed in the period from 1990 to 1992 on the aerodynamic stand ADS-2 benchmark 14/09/1989 year (certificate number 4 / 89, Institute for Problems of Strength, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine).

In determining the velocity of the air in the chamber aerodynamic stand the main parameters measured, in accordance with the Bernoulli equation for an incompressible fluid and the continuity equation, is the difference between the static pressure in different sections of the wind tunnel.

Measurement error is made ​​up of water pressure gauge reading readings of random errors, changes in the use of gauge the value of the capillary depression and physical and chemical properties of the fluid, as well as systematic errors caused by uncertain knowledge of the density of the liquid, its coefficient of thermal expansion and coefficient of linear expansion of the scale gauge.

Experimental laboratory wind-hidro device WHD-1 is a platform made in the form of rectangular plates, which may be set from 1 to 8 modules with the test work items.

Measurements of dynamic pressure sensors were five static pressure, with one sensor placed at a distance of 23 mm. from the entrance into the working chamber, three - length of the working chamber at a distance from the start of the working chamber of 50 mm. 200 mm. and 315 mm., and one - at a distance of 26 mm. from the end of the working chamber during the flow.

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