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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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The emergence of the idea.

Ability of the fish to swim in ocean depths and the bird to fly in heavenly spaces has been a mystery for humanity from time immemorial. People tried to solve a secret of movements of fish and birds, tried to reproduce the movements of fish to swim like a fish. It seems like everything is simple: move your tail and fins, or flap your wings - and movement is provided.  There was worked out a base style of high-speed swiming called "Dolphin", however, the swimmers were got tired very quickly with it. Long since people dreamt to fly as a bird, tried to increase the area of arms and to repeat a flap of wings, but such attempts always ended with the fall of the braves. Later, with the development of technology, people began to open up ocean depths and heavenly spaces with the help of mechanisms (sea and river ships, air and space vehicles). Having a great speed and range of motion people began to move even faster then the water and air beings. Besides the man-made mechanisms can transport extra load over long distances. However, any slight increase in the speed in man-made mechanisms required a substantial growth of expenditure of primary energy (chemical, electric, mechanical, etc.). Development of the human became conflict with the Nature laws: the higher is the level of development, the more natural resources people consume for satisfaction of their needs. But these resources are not endless, in a very short time humanity will face a question: «Where to get the energy?».
And the people again draws their attention to the fish and birds, and again the question arises:«At the expense of what these beings are moving, where do they get the energy for their movement?»



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