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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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17.2.2. Institute of Physics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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on the application for discovery under the title
"The role of flow flutter occurs in the current environment
aerodynamic and hydrodynamic processes "

1. The essence of the discovery.

   Installed a new, previously unknown phenomenon of nature - getting useful work of unsteady aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces and moments occurring in the flow of flowing medium at flutter vibrations.
   Author of a discovery, Goncharenko, SP, set the time-dependent control mechanism aero-and hydrodynamic processes and showed that the phenomenon of flutter is the main condition for obtaining a new, alternative energy, which occurs when converting the kinetic energy of the fluid flow into useful work.
   Patterns obtained by the author suschestvyuyut in nature objectively with any fluid and allow to transform the kinetic energy of the flow of any fluid into useful work.
   The possibilities of using new source of energy is almost limitless. Alternatives to environmentally sound and efficient sources of conversion of kinetic energy of water flows, except for hydro, humanity yet.

2. Conclusions: 

   - Submitted by the author of the discovery, numerous studies the phenomenon of flutter vibration of objects in the flow of the fluid are reliable;
   - All described by the author are new phenomena and the priority for modern science;
   - The main thrust of the opening is shown that: the flow of fluid in the flutter oscillations arises useful work of unsteady aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces and moments.

   The proposed opening of making a fundamental contribution to the development of aero-and hydrodynamic processes that occur during flutter vibrations of objects in the flow of the current environment.

   The author points out various ways of opening the possible use of discovery to which we can agree on the basis of their objectivity and evidence.

   Form information about this discovery because of its usefulness for the study of natural phenomena and the community can be open.

Dr. Sci. Science,
Professor, Head of Department
molecular photoelectronic
Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
MV Couric

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