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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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6.1. Construction of single module device.

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For research was designed and manufactured a device by which the working element to perform harmonic flexural-torsion vibrations in the form of reciprocating and rotational motion. The work item was made in the form of a thin rectangular plate. The rotational and reciprocating movement of the working elements were made with crank groups attached to a fixed base in the form of single module device. Longitudinal view of the device with a working element of the device and from the work item is schematically represented in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.
The device comprises an operating element, being able to accommodate the flow of fluid 2. A work item is fixed and motionless on the knee a rod 3, mounted on a stationary base 4 of the crank mechanism, the slide 5 is connected to the connecting rod 3 with the axis 6 and has the ability to reciprocating movement along the guide 7. 3 connecting rod opposite end pivotally connected to the crank 8 is cinematically associated with the same set on a stationary base at one end of the shaft 9, the other end of which is designed to transmit the rotational energy of the crank device 8 on the power take-off (in Fig. Not shown). The amplitude of the reciprocating movement of a work item 1 depends on the geometrical parameters of the crank 8. The length of the slide will be equal to two lengths of the crank. Work Item 1 is set at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the rod 3 with the angle of attack relative to the flow L 2. Work Item 1 is adapted to a fixed rotation and rotational movement about the axis 6, with respect to which it is mounted on a rod 3 and the geometrical axis of shaft 6 is in the front of the element 1. This makes it possible to set a fixed phase angle between the rotational and reciprocating movements of a work item 1, is required to run the device and its efficient operation.

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