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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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7.1. Aerodynamic stand for experimental studies.

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All the experiments on the interaction of experimental laboratory unit with the air flow were performed in the period from 1990 to 1992 on the aerodynamic stand ADS-2 benchmark 14/09/1989 year (certificate number 4 / 89, Institute for Problems of Strength, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine).

Aerodynamic stand ADS-2 is designed for the study of unsteady aerodynamic characteristics of oscillating objects with the excitation frequency from 0 Hz to 1000 Hz in the gas stream at a rate not exceeding 300 m / sec. 

Scheme of aerodynamic stand shown in Fig. 7.
The flow of air 1 compressor a high pressure (in Fig. Not shown) on the air duct 2 through 3 honeykomb injected into the prechamber 4, then a soothing mesh 5, upper nozzle 6 and 7 nozzle Witoszynskyj fed into the process chamber 8, located in interacting with the working chamber 8 investigational work items through a diffuser 9 and 10 released into the atmosphere.All these components of the aerodynamic stand (honeykomb antechamber 3 4, 5 soothing grid, upper nozzle 6, 7 and Witoszynskyj nozzle cone 10) for uniform flow and laminar flow in the working chamber of the installation, not a completed work items.
The working chamber 8 is a restricted area of the inner section of the aerodynamic Booth 150 * 180 mm 320 mm long. with removable side panels.
Pressure measurement of air flow produced by the static pressure sensors located along the length of the working part of the course of the stream at a distance of 23 mm in front of the air flow into the working chamber, 50 mm. 200 mm., 315 mm. from the beginning of the working part of the course of the workflow, and 26 mm. for the working chamber during the air flow.

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