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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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7.6. The results of aerodynamic research.

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1) made laboratory setup that can play the flexural-torsion flutter;
2) confirmed the possibility of controlling the UAI;
3) confirmed the hypothesis convert the kinetic energy of air flow into useful work;
4) obtain practical results of a study on the influence of fluctuating UAI in the air flow work items:
   A. Positive:
       a) almost no pressure peaks and velocity at the entrance to the device WHD-1, which points to the absence of overturning moment on the device;
      b) a constant laminar air flow in the interaction with the lateral surface of the working element, as well as the length of the working part and for the work items in any number of work items, even if the thread before installing investigated turbulent, which indicates the presence of a negative gradient of dynamic pressure along lateral surface of the oscillating flow in the work item;
      c) increase the air flow rate for the work items compared with the rate of air flow to the work item indicates the occurrence of UAI, the total positive work which coincides with the direction of movement of the working elements and the normal component of the driving force of the stream, which leads to an increase in kinetic energy of the flow;
d) increase the kinetic energy of air flow of work items, compared with a flow rate of air to the workers of the elements was observed even at partial renting of useful work from the shaft of the generator, installed on the shaft of a rotary cranks work item;
e) with increasing flow velocity of air and the amount of study work items observed a proportional increase in output power and efficiency of the device;
f) The tests confirmed the possibility of increasing capacity by adding additional devices work items on the length of the device;
g) compared with the common blade propellers, commonly used to convert the kinetic energy of air or water flow into electrical energy, working in the studied elements missing from the turbulent flow of work items, which indicates a more efficient conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy flow;
   B. Negative:
      a) laboratory-scale plant began to work with the speed of air flow not less than 14.7 m / sec, which is practically in the real world is not observed;
      b) "flutter" of a single item had not been received.
5) The "secret" speed due to dolphin continual flexural-torsion movement of the animal's body parts from head to tail in contact with an aqueous medium, causing the appearance of UAI. Areas of flexural-torsion movement is perpendicular to the movement of the animal. The joint positive work due to muscle contraction and dolphin emerged UAI leads to movement of the animal at a rate considerably (7 times) faster than that dolphins can develop, using only the energy of their muscles. Ability to control UAI laid the dolphins (as well as all living creatures that live in water or emerged from the water) at a subconscious level, and Nature itself is by reducing the various muscle groups responsible for the mechanism of flexural-torsion movements of different parts of the animal's body.

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