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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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9.2. The design.

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A pilot plant to test the flow of fluid (water or air) WHD-2 was collected from independent modules arranged on a common platform. The design module pilot plant was working similar to the design modules of the laboratory setup (Fig. 1, 2). Each module consists of a crank, connecting rod and slider. At the end of the rod bracket was attached work item is executed in the form of a rectangular plate and the axle connecting rod with slide coincided with the geometrical axis of the front of the element so that the work item was able to perform the rotational motion around this axis (the connection with the ram rod.) To minimize mechanical damping in all the nodes connecting gears were installed bearings. Bearing compounds were applied as in all rotating components. In the slide experienced workers installing the sliding friction has been replaced by rolling friction. The motion of the slide was limited to runners set out on the platform. Crank shaft is also fixed on the platform. Each shaft end with gear, playing the role of the flywheel in order to facilitate the passage of the "dead spots" when changing the direction of reciprocating motion (angle L = 0). All gears are connected to each other through gears. The shaft of one module was longer than the others and was able to connect directly to the shaft of the generator. At the same shaft was an extra gear that is used to increase speed and transmitting the total effort from all the working elements of the independent pinion shaft which was mounted on the platform and also had the opportunity to connect directly to the shaft of the generator.
Working platform had dimensions 2.2 m * 1.5 m. Modules of 8 units were placed along the length of the platform by a scheme analogous allocation scheme of the laboratory setup (Fig. 4).

Platform together with the modules installed on a support frame structure. The design of a pilot plant WHD-2 allows testing one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight of work items by removing work item with a rod. All transmission gears at the same time or are engaged, or the extra gears disengage. Thus, the total work that the work items that are vibrating in the fluid flow is the sum of the useful work on removable shaft of the generator, as well as work to overcome the aerodynamic forces (or hydrodynamic) damping and mechanical damping (friction at all the nodes connecting transmission mechanisms and the friction in the gear pinion gears). In studying the performance of pilot plant WHD-2 with one or two gears in the flow of air from the fan taken not only of the remaining work items with rods, but also disengage six toothed gears. Thus, the total work that the investigational work items (one or two), fluctuating the air from the fan, the sum of the useful work on removable shaft of the generator, as well as work to overcome the forces of aerodynamic damping and mechanical damping (friction in knots compounds investigated gears (one or two) and friction in gears two gears).
Verifying self-excited oscillations such as flutter of a work item in the stream of air from the fan occurred when two gears meshing gears (the other gears were removed from the mesh).
The design of a pilot plant with WHD-2 allows you to change the course of testing the phase angle between the oscillations of the neighboring business objects that allow us to investigate the kinematics of the interaction of different elements in the work flow of the fluid.
On the side edges of the (surface) of the work item (in the side edges of adjustment of work items) were fixed silk threads to keep track of the turbulence of the flow (or laminar flow air stream).

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