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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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11.2. The results of the tests.

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1) confirmed the efficiency of the installation of WHD-2 interaction with the water flow;
2) confirmed all the phenomena and laws, obtained by testing laboratory unit WHD-1 on the aerodynamic stand:
   - occurrence of UAI in the interaction of oscillating working elements to the water flow, resulting in a steady flutter of work items;
   - the ability to control UAI by changing phase angle between work items, work item and the size of the actuators (cranks, rods), changing the angle of attack of work items, change the number of work items;
   - the possibility of converting the kinetic energy of water flow into useful work;
   - laminar flow of water flow, no turbulence.
3) confirmed the phenomenon and regularities obtained on the test results of the laboratory setup WHD-1 in an aqueous medium: with increasing size and number of work items increases the power generated by the installation;
4) confirmed the possibility of converting the kinetic energy of water flow into useful work in the natural water flow rates (0.5 - 1.0 m / s);
5) obtained by the flutter of a single item in the stream of water;
6) one of the most important factor in obtaining useful work UAI related to the conversion of kinetic energy of water flow into electrical energy in the interaction of work items from the water flow is the movement kinematics of work items, depending on the phase angle between adjacent as work items, and between series of work items. Due to the high density of water a slight change in phase angle between the working elements arranged in one row or between rows of work items, leads to an instantaneous increase of the hydrodynamic damping up to complete disappearance of flutter and stopping the movement of work items. The higher the flow rate, the more sensitive it becomes to choose the installation phase angle between the displacements of adjacent working elements. After testing and testing of the kinematics of movement on the river Lyubich for testing the installation of WHD-2 channel on the BAS had to change not only the kinematics of the movement of work items, but also to reduce the area of ​​work items and introduce additional mounting brackets work items to be able to find the optimal kinematics of the movements of the work items . In further work with the already chosen the kinematics of motion of work items and choosing the optimal UAI neighboring objects in contact with the water flow of BAS will be a significant increase in the area of ​​work items.
7) the system works equally well when moving in the direction of water flow when the top of the interaction of water flow with the installation of WHD-2 starts with the first work item, and in the opposite direction, when the beginning of the interaction of water flow with the installation of WHD-2 from the last work item . The direction of the crank shaft with the change to the opposite. Consequently, there is an easy, reliable and efficient energy conversion tides into electricity.
8) provided data for calculation, design and manufacture of generator to convert mechanical energy of rotation of the shaft a pilot plant with WHD-2 into electrical energy during the interaction with the working elements of the fluid flow.

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