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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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13.2. The results of the tests.

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1) confirmed the hypothesis of efficiency set WHD-2 when placed on a moving vehicle;
2) confirmed the hypothesis of the possibility of converting the kinetic energy of the flow of oncoming air into useful work at the actual speeds of vehicles;
3) carried out a visual inspection is the lack of hazards arising from the interaction of the installation of WHD-2 with a counter flow of air that affect the safety of the vehicle, such as the overturning moment and lateral wind; remains laminar flow of work items in the interaction with the flow of work items oncoming air , with increasing speed to 85 km / h (23.6 m / s), the machine behaves consistently, no additional load is not felt;
4) provided data for calculation, design and manufacture of generator to convert mechanical energy of rotation of the shaft a pilot plant with WHD-2 in power for a wide range of vehicle speeds.

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