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22.10.2012 20:43:55
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12.1. The choice of generator

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The data obtained allowed to choose a generator that is most appropriate at this stage of investigation for further research related to the possibility of using this device in various fields of engineering.
The performance of the generator: 950 W at 400 rev / min, produced by the three-phase alternating current.
Generator stator with permanent magnets mounted on the shaft of a gear tooth module installation WHD-2 and rotates with the shaft. At the opposite end of the shaft mounted crank unit. Generator rotor fixedly mounted on the platform installation WHD-2.
The electrical circuit of energy conversion of shaft rotation into useful work is presented in Fig. 29.
Three-phase alternating current produced by the generator 1 is fed to a rectifier 2. After converting the single-phase direct current supplied to the load unit 3, consisting of four resistors R1 = 3.0 ohm, R2 = 3.75 ohms, R3 = 5.0 ohm, R4 = 15.0 ohm switches K1, K2, K3, K4. To measure the voltage and current in the circuit ammeter connected in series 4 and 5 voltmeter.
This scheme allows you to change the load on the generator by the inclusion of various resistances to select the optimal modes of operation of the generator.

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